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Our CBD Isolation Process Starts and Ends With Safety and Quality

From the hemp farmers we partner with, the extraction of crude oil we source, and ultimately the proprietary distilling and crystalizing of cannabinoids. It may sound simple, but without a repeatable and controlled engineering process, you truly don’t know what you’re putting in your body.

COAs are Helpful for Verification of Meeting Minimum Standards

Here's Why You Should Be Looking at Much More

Crystal structures are a quick and effective way to help you determine if you are dealing with a consistent quality supplier of CBD and other minor cannabinoids.

With controlled processes, you would expect to see similar and consistent crystalline structure. CBD Crystals assist you in seeing if there are tight controls on processing.

Inconsistent CBD crystal growth, typical in less controlled processes, are a tell-tale sign of spontaneous nucleation or “fast crashing”. While we love the beauty of seeing consistent crystals, consequences of varied crystals is the unintended capturing of contaminants as inclusions in these materials as well, and who wants those?

The Magic Behind Our Excellent CBD Isolate Crystals

Our CBD Isolate crystals exhibit uniform needle like units because of sophisticated in-house production processes. We like to ensure that our products exhibit consistent crystal growth behavior. 

We do not process using a fast crash method that can cause many different formulation problems.

Spontaneous Nucleation

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Trapped Impurities 

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A Sample Test of Our Competitors Isolate

Competitor 1 and 2 CBD Isolate exhibits more amorphous conglomerations of smaller crystalline structures. From the lack of uniformity in both competitors CBD isolate crystals it is evident that neither competitor utilizes a tightly controlled production process.

Both Competitors Utilize a Fast Crash Method

Spontaneous nucleation occurs during rapid growth trapping impurities within the final solution. 

Spontaneous Nucleation

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Trapped Impurities 

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