Protecting The Industry
Now and Into The Future

Our Mission

In the under-regulated world of CBD, we have taken a stand and made a commitment to act in a way that positively impacts consumers and the industry as a whole. Mile High Labs believes in the Quality Pledge and so do our amazing partners.

We acknowledge that we are ultimately responsible for the safety of our consumers, the efficacy of our products, and the legitimacy of our Industry.

We pledge to serve our consumers with compassion. For every grandparent, every athlete, and every advocate, we pledge to provide legal cannabinoid products made safely. We acknowledge that everyone uses our products for different reasons, and we pledge to care for the individual rather than the masses.

We pledge to never mislead or deceive our consumers with unsubstantiated claims. We guarantee that our labels and marketing materials accurately reflect what’s inside our packaging and seek to always be a voice of truth to our consumers.

We pledge to be vigilant guardians of our Industry’s reputation and work with partners that share our commitment to quality and consumer safety. By identifying and excluding the bad actors, we can eliminate the irresponsibility that tarnishes us all.

We pledge to self-regulate, not because we have to, but because we know it’s critical to the longevity of our Industry. We understand that the implementation of pharma-like standards is the best way to ensure the delivery of consistent, high-quality products to our consumers.

It is an honor to be held responsible and accountable for this Industry. We pledge to protect it now and into the future.