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Navigating Excellence with Over 120 Quality Checks

This image represents a facility laboratory audit.

CBD Manufacturing Laboratory Audit Procedures at Mile High Labs 

In the rapidly expanding world of CBD manufacturing, quality, consistency, and safety is paramount. At Mile High Labs, a pioneering name in the CBD industry, these attributes are not just goals but the core pillars that shape operations. One of the crucial aspects that set Mile High Labs apart is our stringent lab audit procedures. In this blog, we delve into the meticulous steps that Mile High Labs takes to ensure that partner labs meet and exceed our exacting standards. 

The Significance of Lab Audits  

Before we dive into the detailed audit procedures, it’s important to understand why lab audits are so critical. A lab audit is essentially an in-depth evaluation of a laboratory’s processes, systems, equipment, and personnel to ensure compliance with quality standards, regulations, and best practices. It is a mechanism through which an organization can maintain consistency, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately ensure that the products they deliver are of the highest quality. 

“Mile High Labs contract laboratory qualification program is an essential auditing tool to ensure product quality, safety, compliance, and overall business integrity. It’s a way to ensure that our products are being tested accurately and reliably by a trustworthy partner.”

Gary Korb, Director of Quality at Mile High Labs

The Comprehensive Audit Process 

Mile High Labs’ commitment to quality is reflected in our comprehensive lab audit process, which is designed to leave no stone unturned. With over 120 quality checks, the process encompasses the following key areas: 

  • Organization and Management: This phase evaluates the lab’s organizational structure, leadership, and management practices to ensure alignment with Mile High Labs’ expectations. It aims to assess if the lab’s management is committed to quality and safety. 
  • Quality Systems, Audit, and Review Procedures: This section digs into the lab’s quality control systems, internal auditing mechanisms, and review procedures. It aims to ensure that the lab has effective systems in place to identify and rectify any issues promptly. 
  • Accommodations and Environment: The physical environment of a lab can significantly impact the quality of its work. This part of the audit assesses factors such as cleanliness, temperature control, and general working conditions. 
  • Equipment, Maintenance, and Calibration: High-quality CBD manufacturing demands precise and well-maintained equipment. This segment examines the lab’s equipment, its maintenance schedules, and calibration protocols. 
  • Sample Receiving Process: From the moment a sample arrives at the lab, meticulous procedures are essential to prevent cross-contamination and ensure accurate results. This part of the audit evaluates the lab’s sample receiving process. 
  • Media, Solutions, and Reagents Handling: The handling of media, solutions, and reagents has a direct impact on the final product. This section scrutinizes how these materials are stored, prepared, and utilized. 
  • General Sample Procedures: This stage assesses the lab’s overall approach to sample handling, preparation, and testing. It aims to ensure that procedures are consistent, accurate, and well-documented. 
  • Data Handling, Reports, and Records: Accurate record-keeping is a cornerstone of quality assurance. The audit examines how data is handled, how reports are generated, and how records are maintained. 
  • Training: Competent personnel are essential for maintaining consistent quality. This phase evaluates the lab’s training programs to ensure that staff members are adequately skilled and informed. 
  • Overall Safety: Safety cannot be compromised in any manufacturing process. The audit reviews the lab’s safety protocols to safeguard both personnel and the integrity of the products. 
Selecting the Best of the Best 

Mile High Labs’ commitment to excellence shines through in our selection process. We don’t settle for anything less than the best, choosing partner labs that not only meet our stringent criteria but also share our dedication to quality, consistency, and safety. This commitment to excellence is what sets Mile High Labs apart as a leader in the CBD manufacturing industry. 

Conclusion: Mile High Labs’ lab audit procedures reflect our unwavering dedication to producing the highest quality CBD products. With a thorough evaluation process encompassing multiple critical aspects, we ensure that our partner labs meet and exceed our rigorous standards. As the CBD industry continues to evolve, the practices and standards upheld by Mile High Labs set the bar for quality assurance and customer satisfaction. See for yourself within the great cannabinoids that we supply  

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