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The Ultimate Guide to CBD Gummies: History, Benefits, and Where to Buy

Complete Guide to CBD Gummies


CBD is showing up everywhere, even in popular confectioneries like gummies. CBD gummies deliver cannabidiol in a way that’s familiar, accessible and fun—but are they the best option for everyone? In this article, we explore the history of gummies and how brands are introducing CBD to these tasty treats.

History of Gummies

Gummies became a famous confectionery in 1864 after Fryers of Lancashire created the first gelatin-based shaped candy. Since then, a variety of shapes, flavors and applications have been made, from sour gummy worms to vitamin-infused gummies designed for children. Gummies have transcended their original status as a delicious candy into something much more.

CBD was introduced to gummies as early as 2015. They’ve quickly become one of the most popular options for consumers, especially first-time users. However, gummies have evolved significantly since the introduction of CBD, and manufacturers have changed the way they produce and promote these products to suit this new market.

The CBD Gummy Grows Up

In recent months, manufacturers have voluntarily changed the way they present CBD gummies in order to cater more to this product category’s intended demographic.

Brands have been straying from the traditional animal and fruit-shaped gummies to help distinguish CBD gummies, as these products are developed, and intended, for adult consumption only. Compliant CBD gummies are typically packaged in child-proof containers that are labeling that includes nutritional information and safety information.

We applaud companies who are doing their part to uphold the integrity of the CBD industry. It’s important to be transparent about these products in order to earn and maintain the trust of consumers around the world.

Making a CBD Gummy

An operator making CBD gummies in trays to fit a bulk order.

CBD gummies are traditionally made with several simple ingredients—gelatin, sugar or artificial sweetener and natural or artificial flavorings. Since gelatin is an animal product, vegetarian and vegan gummies are produced using pectin, an ingredient that is primarily extracted from citrus fruits.

CBD gummies are made the same way as any other gummy, but with one additional ingredient: cannabidiol. CBD is added to the mixture right before filling the mold. The gummies are then cooled in the mold, allowing the mixture to set. Once they’re cool, the gummies are removed from the mold and packaged for consumers.

Strength of CBD in Gummies

It’s important for consumers to remember that gummy products are usually labeled with the amount of CBD found in the entire package. Consumers should look at the amount of CBD per serving to ensure they’re getting the right product for them. The amount of CBD per gummy can typically be found on the back of the package as part of the nutritional information.

CBD gummies come in a range of strengths from which consumers can choose from. Gummies commonly range anywhere from 100mg to 1000mg of CBD per bottle. Each gummy typically contains lower amounts of CBD, making them an attractive option for consumers looking to try cannabidiol out for the first time.

Where to Buy CBD Gummies

It’s essential to purchase products that are infused with CBD, rather than coated with it. The coating can easily rub or melt off of the gummies, making strength per gummy difficult or impossible to determine.

Be wary of purchasing gummies from merchants on Amazon. Currently, Amazon prohibits the sale of products containing CBD. Often these gummies will promote themselves as hemp-based products with the same benefits as CBD, but in reality, they contain only pressed hemp seed oil.

Benefits of CBD Gummies

Many companies are using additional supportive functional ingredients like L-Theanine, Magnesium, Turmeric, Lemon Balm, Melatonin, and many more paired with CBD to have a functional gummy, to help support a sense of calm,  recovery from exercise-induced inflammation, support a healthy night’s sleep and more. Pairing with other functional ingredients with studied ingredients that have approved structure function claims, CBD allows for a unique point of differentiation.

Different Ingredients – Different Options

CBD gummies are typically made using one of two CBD ingredients: distillate or isolate. Both extracts are derived from industrial hemp plants and contain less than 0.3% THC.

The benefits of using CBD isolate in the manufacturing of CBD gummies are quite significant. Because isolate is so pure, it has virtually no odor or flavor, allowing popular brands to maintain the taste that consumers already love, while adding the value and benefits of CBD.

Additionally, isolate contains no THC, making CBD isolate based gummies perfect for consumers that are concerned about psychoactive effects. Isolate products can also be shipped to emerging global markets with a 0.2% THC limit or less.

For companies looking to retain flavorful terpenes and minor cannabinoids, THC-Free distillate is the perfect option. This easy to implement ingredient provides the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes with non-detectable levels of THC.

Bulk Ingredients and White Label Options

Mile High Labs manufactures and supplies bulk CBD ingredients for the formulation of CBD gummies. Our extensive portfolio of CBD ingredients allows us to deliver options for every type of brand and consumer.