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See the Mile High Labs CBD Difference

Mile High Labs CBD Isolate Crystals: The Key to Consistency and Quality

Microscope imaging of CBD Isolate Crystals at a 40x zoom.

Samples include Mile High Labs, Competitor 1, and Competitor 2 CBD Isolate crystals. The data demonstrates major differences in crystal morphology. Mile High Labs CBD Isolate exhibits uniform needle like units because of sophisticated in-house production processes to ensure consistent crystal growth behavior.

Competitor 1 - CBD Isolate Sample

Competitor 2 - CBD Isolate Sample

Competitor 1 and 2 CBD Isolates exhibits more amorphous conglomerations of smaller crystalline structures. From the lack of uniformity in both competitors CBD Isolate crystals it is evident that neither competitor utilizes a tightly controlled production process.

The lack of uniform crystal growth can impact flow-ability of the CBD Isolate, which can negatively affect formulation processes and consistency in finished goods.

*Samples collected March 2022 to May 2022

White CBD Isolate powder in a pile on a table with glassware in the background.

Uniform CBD Isolate Crystalization