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Water Soluble Formulation

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Top Reasons To Use Liquid CBD vs. Powder CBD

“When to Use What” with water soluble cannabinoids. With the CBD infused beverage category growing by leaps and bounds (Brightfield Group projecting a 40.5% CAGR from 2021-2026 in the drinks category!!!), many of our customers are looking to transition into this exploding class of CPG. Our CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD distillates make a great addition to both ready to drink and ready to mix single serve beverages. Since both CBD isolate and CBD distillates are not inherently water soluble, these input ingredients are taken through Mile High Lab’s proprietary process to make them soluble in water in either a liquid or powder format.

Here are a few quick tips to navigate the space of introducing water soluble CBD isolate or CBD distillates into aqueous based drinks— straight from The Mix-Masters of Mile High. For newbies and old pros alike, there are some simple steps that can help you determine what format (powder or liquid), makes the most sense for your next beverage project.

Water Soluble Liquids are used regularly to manufacture ready to drink beverages:

1. Ready to use, nano-emulsified liquid for nearly any batch size required with extremely linear scale-up capabilities from small to very large, commercial scale production.

2. Contains a simple preservative system to inhibit microbial proliferation in the factory sealed container, but needs to be refrigerated after opening.

3. Ideal for canning or bottling lines that will employ either a sterile fill or finished product pasteurization procedure.

4. Most suitable for beverages with a final pH ≤ 7 and will tolerate carbonation of the final beverage.

Water Soluble Powders are used regularly to generate consumer made beverages:

1. Ready to use, amorphous, spray dried powder for single servings and some small-scale beverage production intended to be consumed quickly.

2. Refrigeration not needed for this raw ingredient, but will require high barrier packaging to inhibit the ingress of atmospheric moisture as these formulations are hygroscopic in nature.

3. The low water activity naturally inhibits microbial proliferation without the incorporation of additional preservatives.

4. The large particle size exhibited by a few varieties of these particular formulations enables the filling of mesh bags with small pore sizes.

5. Capable of being offered in a sachet for portability and easy made single servings.

Water Soluble CBD

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