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Mile High Labs and Royal DSM Partnership

The Partnership Creates a Platform for CBD Product Development and Formulation

Mile High Labs (MHL) and Royal DSM (DSM) are pleased to announce that they have entered into a broad commercial partnership, combining MHL’s industry-leading cannabinoid ingredients and finished products manufacturing expertise with DSM’s science-based nutritional solutions. The partnership creates a platform from which leading consumer products companies can innovate and deliver novel consumer goods with globally trusted, health-benefit driven ingredients. The relationship will also see MHL and DSM partner in the development of unique hemp-derived cannabinoid product solutions. 

We are deeply proud to ink this exclusive strategic relationship, DSM is a trusted, end-to-end partner to many of the largest consumer packaged goods companies globally. Their unmatched portfolio and mission-driven approach makes DSM one of the most important consumer companies in the world. Together, we are creating the first of its kind—a novel product development platform that supports customers in achieving rapid, scalable growth and puts the enormous legal cannabinoid opportunity within reach.” 

DSM’s Premix Solutions are a Perfect Match for CBD, CBG, and CBN Ingredients

Enabled by MHL’s robust production facility, the partnership will provide DSM’s customers with access to MHL’s portfolio of specialty cannabinoid ingredients like CBD, CBG and CBN. The partnership will also see DSM apply its advanced scientific, applications and formulations expertise to products combining high-quality micronutrients with CBD and other hemp derivatives. The resulting market-ready and premix solutions will allow dietary supplement, food, beverage, wellness and nutrition brands to deliver science-backed, health-benefit driven innovation with speed and confidence. 

MHL’s customers will gain access to DSM’s broad portfolio of science-backed products—and novel products built upon the DSM foundation—with structure-function data to support health-benefit product claims. For the first time, leading CBD brands will be able to leverage decades of scientific evidence to communicate specifically what their product does. Together, DSM and MHL are delivering a turnkey solution that empowers customers to confidently develop, launch and scale new products in this booming segment of the health and wellness industry. 

“There is a strong consumer pull in the CBD space for high-quality, health-benefit driven solutions, but the market has yet to establish the quality standards necessary to support global brands. DSM has the core competencies, combined with a deep understanding of consumer and customer needs, to help brands enter the cannabinoid market early and build a leading position,” 

Frederic Boned, Vice President, Human Nutrition & Health at DSM North America

About Mile High Labs

Mile High Labs powers the world’s novel consumer packaged goods. Our portfolio of legal cannabinoid ingredients and market-ready solutions is trusted by leading global brands, and our formulation and rapid prototyping capabilities are creating the next generation of innovative consumer products. We specialize in the production of hemp cannabinoid-based powders, capsules, tablets and gummies, along with other value-added capabilities. We empower customers to confidently develop, launch and scale new products backed by science and integrity.

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About DSM

At DSM, we take pride in understanding the true potential of our customers’ products and how they can help our planet’s growing population stay healthy and ready to meet whatever challenge life provides. With our unique purpose-led perspective, DSM helps customers contribute to a brighter world with better nutrition for all. Because where other providers merely see products, we see purpose. As a reliable, end-to-end, innovative, purpose-led partner, DSM provides more than ingredients. We provide the most integrated offering in the industry. We offer a broad portfolio of science-backed products and customized solutions powered by expert services aimed at supporting a product’s entire life cycle, from concept to consumer. This takes more than ingredients; it takes a partner. Find out more at

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