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Maximizing CBD Sales in the EU

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Navigating European Novel Foods Regulations for Compliance and Differentiation 

If you’re looking to sell CBD products in Europe, it’s essential to understand the Novel Foods regulations and how they impact your ability to market and sell these products. Novel Foods are foods or food ingredients that have not been widely consumed by people in the EU before May 1997. The EU Novel Food Regulation was introduced in 2018 to ensure that novel foods are safe for human consumption before they are approved for sale. 

In this article, we’ll explore how Novel Foods impact your ability to sell ingestible CBD in EU, and how you can navigate the regulations to maximize your sales. 

Understanding Novel Foods Regulation 

Under the Novel Foods Regulation, ingestible CBD products fall under the category of “novel foods,” which means they must undergo a safety assessment before they can be approved for sale in the EU. This assessment is conducted by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which evaluates the safety of the product based on its composition, production process, and intended use. 

CBD products must also comply with EU food law, which includes labeling requirements, hygiene standards, and good manufacturing practices. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in legal action and product recall. 

The Impact of Novel Foods on CBD Sales

The Novel Foods Regulation has had a significant impact on the CBD industry in Europe. Many companies have had to halt sales of their CBD products until they receive approval from the EFSA, which can take months or even years. This has led to a decrease in sales and revenue for some companies, while others have had to shift their focus to other markets outside of Europe. 

However, the regulation also provides an opportunity for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors by demonstrating their commitment to safety and compliance. Companies that invest in the safety assessment process and receive EFSA approval can use this as a marketing tool to differentiate themselves in the market and build trust with their customers. 

Navigating Novel Foods Regulations

If you’re looking to sell CBD products in Europe, it’s essential to navigate the Novel Foods regulations to ensure compliance and maximize your sales.

Dive into the Novel Foods Regulation and EU food law, ensuring your products meet these specific criteria.
  1. Grasp local requirements: Gain a deep understanding of local laws, rules, and labeling standards. Your products must be labeled correctly, adhering particularly to EU labeling mandates.
  2. Partner with a trustworthy provider: Choose a supplier with a solid reputation, capable of furnishing high-quality, compliant CBD products.
  3. Stay informed about legislative shifts: Remain current with updates to the Novel Foods Regulation and EU food law, so your products continue to adhere to compliance standards.

“Mile High Labs helps to ensure you are on the right path when it comes to CBD and Novel Foods in the EU. We’re delighted to be one of the select group of ingestible CBD ingredient providers that have been validated by EFSA, it has been no small feat and grateful for the scientific rigor, safety datasets, and needed toxicology work that has been documented for years by our team.”

Iain Britton, Director of International Sales, Mile High Labs. 

In conclusion, the Novel Foods Regulation has set a new precedent for the CBD industry in both the EU and UK. Navigating these regulations effectively is not just about compliance, but it also plays a crucial role in optimizing sales and ensuring the longevity of your business in this evolving landscape.

As the CBD industry continues to flourish in the EU, staying ahead of the curve means not just keeping up with the changes, but also understanding and adapting to new regulations proactively. This can be an overwhelming task, but you are not alone in this journey.

Mile High Labs is proud to be at the forefront of this evolution. As one of the few ingestible CBD ingredient providers validated by EFSA, we’re dedicated to guiding our partners through this complex regulatory environment. We have committed extensive resources to understanding and meeting these novel food regulations and continue to invest in research, safety datasets, and toxicology work to ensure the highest standards.

So, whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your existing CBD business, remember – the journey to compliance doesn’t have to be a daunting one. With the right knowledge, the right partner, and a commitment to quality, you can navigate these waters successfully and continue to thrive in the exciting world of CBD in the EU.

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