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Know Your Active CBD Milligrams: Great CBD Taste with Consistent Mixing Every Time

This is an image showing the active CBD Milligrams per liter of Mile High Labs water-soluble CBD.

In the ever-expanding CBD market, finding a brand that excels in delivering top-notch quality, effective products, and innovative solutions is paramount. Mile High Labs, a trusted industry leader, has a revolutionary and patented Water-Soluble CBD Isolate process, designed to provide an unparalleled CBD experience. With a focus on great taste, consistent mixing, and precise CBD potency, Mile High Labs’ product stands out from the competition. 

Great Tasting CBD for an Enhanced Experience 

Mile High Labs’ Water-Soluble CBD Isolate is renowned for its exceptional taste. Understanding the importance of flavor, the brand has formulated their product to provide a pleasant and enjoyable CBD experience. Specifically designed and formulated to reduce undesirable aftertastes and embrace the clean flavor that enhances the overall consumption of what your beverage is known for (Great Taste!) along with the subtle flavor notes of CBD. 

This is an image that shows the difference in servings comparing Mile High Labs 20% Water-Soluble CBD to Typical competitors that only utilize a 5% blend.

Consistent CBD Mixing for Optimal Results

Achieving a consistent blend is crucial when incorporating CBD into various applications. Mile High Labs’ Water-Soluble CBD Isolate has been meticulously engineered to facilitate effortless and consistent mixing. It requires the right particle size along with the perfect emulsion carrier to allow a terrific water-soluble experience—the result is a great taste along with strong mixability. With its advanced technology and optimized formulation, this CBD isolate disperses uniformly, ensuring the perfect distribution of CBD across beverages, food, and various dietary supplements. Experience the ease of integration and harness the full potential of CBD with every use. 

Vardan Ter-Antonyan, Manager, R&D Formulations at Mile High Labs, describes some of the unique characteristics of the proprietary CBD water-soluble process, “Creating a stable Oil-in-Water high payload/cannabinoid concentration emulsion is an art that is not easily mastered. The emulsion is self-organizing, but it requires the right type of emulsifiers, in exactly right concentrations, and the emulsion forms under carefully controlled and correct conditions, using the right equipment that outputs the right amount of energy into the system. The higher the concentration of the active oil compound or compounds, the harder it is to achieve a stable emulsion with the smallest possible oil droplet size.”   

Precise CBD Potency for Enhanced Value

Mile High Labs’ Water-Soluble CBD Isolate boasts an impressive CBD potency at 20%, providing consumers with an excellent value proposition. With precise CBD isolate active milligrams, you can trust that you are getting the exact amount of CBD you need for your desired effects. Each serving of Mile High Labs’ product is carefully measured to ensure consistency and optimal CBD dosing, allowing you to make the most out of every drop. 

Stand Out with Water-Soluble CBD Isolate

When comparing Mile High Labs’ Water-Soluble CBD Isolate to other products on the market, the key differences become apparent: 20% vs. The traditional 5% of most competitive products. Most competitors are forced to dilute to 5% to improve organoleptic (particularly on bitterness), but that results in more emulsion in excipients in your product. Mile High Labs proprietary blend allows exceptional taste, efficient mixing capabilities, and precise CBD potency of Mile High Labs’ CBD isolate. Unlock the full potential of water-soluble CBD isolate and elevate your CBD brand with Mile High Labs’ industry-leading product. 


Experience the power of water-soluble CBD isolate with Mile High Labs’ exceptional product. Enjoy the benefits of great taste, efficient mixing, and precise CBD potency for an optimal CBD experience. Mile High Labs’ Water-Soluble CBD Isolate sets a new standard in the industry, offering superior quality and results. Embrace the future of CBD consumption and choose Mile High Labs for your CBD needs.  

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