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Exploring Kosher-Certified Cannabinoids with Mile High Labs Ingredients 

This image represents Kosher Certified ingredients manufactured by Mile High Labs.

Understanding Kosher Certification 

The world of cannabinoids has expanded exponentially in recent years, offering a range of potential health benefits. CBD, CBG, Broad Spectrum Distillate, and Crystal Resistant Distillate derived from the cannabis plant, have gained popularity for their potential therapeutic properties. For those who observe kosher dietary laws, the quest for kosher-certified cannabinoid products is met with unique challenges. However, with companies like Mile High Lab providing Kosher certified ingredients, adhering to these dietary restrictions while benefiting from cannabinoids has become more accessible. 

Kosher certification is a rigorous process that ensures a product adheres to Jewish dietary laws outlined in the Torah. This certification is not limited to food items; it can apply to various consumer products, including cosmetics, medications, and dietary supplements. Kosher certification allows consumers to trust that a product meets specific religious dietary standards. 

So, What About Mile High Labs? 

Mile High Labs supplies high-quality cannabinoid ingredients daily while taking the extra steps needed for Kosher certified materials. Mile High Labs ensures that all materials and components meet Kosher requirements, and we certify them through one of the highest grades of Kosher utilizing one of the top certifiers, OK Kosher. To appreciate the significance of Mile High Lab’s Kosher certification, let’s delve into the key factors that contribute to our Kosher status of our products: 

1. **Source of Ingredients: Hemp vs. Marijuana**: Mile High Labs focuses only on hemp-derived cannabinoids, which are inherently more likely to be considered Kosher. Hemp is a non-intoxicating plant (At or Below 0.3% THC) and does not carry the same restrictions as marijuana because they do not contain the psychoactive compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). 

2. **Stringent Processing Standards**: Mile High Lab employs strict processing methods that comply with Kosher guidelines. This ensures that the extraction and manufacturing processes maintain the highest Kosher standards. 

3. **Ingredients and Additives**: Kosher certification agencies thoroughly assess not only the cannabinoids themselves but also any additional ingredients and additives used in the products such as flavorings, sweeteners, and carrier oils. These additives must also meet Kosher standards. 

This is an image of Kosher Certified CBD Isolate the is packaged in Kosher Certified Containers.
This is an image of Kosher Certified labels being applied to Kosher Certified ingredients.

Our Quality Process with Kosher 

The OK Kosher Executive Rabbinical Council creates the standards of Kosher law and policy that govern OK Kosher. Our Rabbinic Coordinator has specific expertise in the manufacture of CBD. They oversee the design, implementation, and maintenance of our Kosher program. All processes, equipment, facilities, cleaning materials, raw materials, processing aids, and ingredients are approved by our Rabbinic Coordinator. This review process helps to ensure that not only is our facility compliant, but that all of our suppliers are reviewed and approved. Additionally, we are subject to random inspections by a Field Representative Rabbi to ensure compliance is enforced at all times. 

Ultimately, we appreciate that through the Kosher certification process our customers have confidence in the high standards, careful supervision, and ingredient transparency in everything Mile High produces.

Hadasa Villalobos, Mile High Labs Quality Manager

Now, Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Cannabinoids and Their Kosher Status:

1.**CBD (Cannabidiol) and Water Soluble Liquid**: 

– CBD is widely recognized for its uses, for help supporting a sense of calm for focus, managing everyday stresses, recovering from exercise-induced inflammation, and maintaining healthy sleep cycles 

– Hemp-derived CBD Isolate from Mile High Lab is Kosher due to its source and the company’s commitment to Kosher processing. 

2. **CBG (Cannabigerol) and Water Soluble Liquid**: 

Mile High Lab’s Kosher certified CBG Isolate, sourced from hemp, is a promising addition to Kosher cannabinoid options. 

 3. **Broad Spectrum and Crystal Resistant Distillate**: 

– Mile High Lab’s Kosher-certified Broad Spectrum and Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD), both sourced from hemp, is a promising addition to Kosher cannabinoid options. 

Seeking Kosher-Certified Cannabinoid Products with Mile High Labs Ingredients 

If you’re interested in incorporating Kosher certified cannabinoid products into your daily routine, here are some steps to consider: 

1. **Check the Label**: Look for products that display a Kosher certification symbol or mark, indicating that kosher ingredients are used. Common Kosher certification agencies include OK Kosher, Star-K and the Orthodox Union (OU). 

2. **Verify the Source**: Ensure that the product is derived from Kosher sources, such as the hemp, and that the processing methods adhere to Kosher guidelines. 

3. **Research the Brand**: Mile High Lab is a respected supplier of Kosher certified cannabinoid ingredients. Research and read reviews to identify reputable brands that use our products. 


With Mile High Labs’ dedication to producing Kosher certified cannabinoid ingredients, individuals who observe Kosher dietary laws can now enjoy the potential benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids with confidence. These high-quality ingredients meet strict Kosher standards. As the demand for Kosher cannabinoid products grows, Mile High Labs continues to play a vital role in providing access to Kosher certified ingredients allowing individuals with dietary restrictions to enjoy the potential benefits of these compounds while adhering to their faith’s dietary laws. 

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